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Annual Insurance Review

Annual Insurance Review

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Business Insurance

Company Address
Are there any business properties or pieces of equipment that you have recently acquired, leased, or sold?
Have you closed or opened any business locations?
Has your company building undergone any renovations, additions, or other significant changes?
Have you added, changed, or removed any company products?
Has your inventory level experienced any significant shifts or fluctuations?
Do you either purchase supplies from or sell your products to foreign countries?
Has the ownership structure of your business changed?
Has there been a 10% or greater change in your business's revenue in the last year?
Do 50% or more of your materials come from a single supplier?
Do 50% or more of your sales come from a single buyer?
Do any of your employees regularly work from home or from another state?
Do any of your employees regularly travel to other states or countries for business?
Do any of your employees travel for business in their personal vehicles?
Has your company leased, purchased, or sold any automobiles or other vehicles?
Do you require all vendors, subcontractors, and 1099 workers to provide certificates of insurance?
Are there any other insurance coverage issues you would like to discuss today?

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...very prompt and efficient with communications to a new customer!

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Sandy C

5 Stars!

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Alan D

They are very informative and kind.

Bruce A Williams Sr

5 Stars!

Danny C

...met our needs, and she personally delivered our documents to our office.

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